Kanban Bootstrap : a Kanban coaching game

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Kanban Bootstrap is a Kanban coaching game for teams willing to find new ways to improve their system, in full autonomy, at their own pace.

Once you have understood the theorical aspects of Kanban, how do you implement the 6 Kanban principles in your environement given that “you start where you are” ?

With Kanban Bootstrap, you initialize your Kanban system and you learn the best improvement strategies.

Kanban Bootstrap : “a powerful and subtil game ” (Philippe Brière)

In Kanban Bootstrap, the system asks questions to the teams. Each answer must appear in the visual management system. Teams players find themself the best answers depending on their context and their environnement. Step by step, Kanban Bootstrap helps you (re)discover the 6 Kanban principles and coach you at each continuous improvement sessions.



Here is what the players say about the game :

“Awesome !! Not a game, it’s a coaching and retrospective tool. Congrats for the idea”

Aurélien Morvant

“I come out with a lot of questions but they are now within reach and full of tips and tricks for my team.”

Julien Kermorvant

Congratulations and thank you. A powerful and very subtil game, whose richness lies for me in the generative nature of the questions. Much more than a bootstrap, it’s an exciting tool for continuous improvement. I want to use it and contribute to its development

Philippe Brière

Great workshop. Thank you

Loïc Le Molgat

Thank you for this rewarding workshop.

Emmanuel Gué

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